16 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

How to make God laugh: Tell him your future plans

When i was in primary school, our teacher told us that we had to think in English if we want to speak English properly. Since the time that I first came here, I have had days that I spoke English more than my native language.  (ok, I have to learn Italian also, I know) My English is not very good I accept, especially in writing with daily language. But it is ok I think, otherwise I could have died so far.

Anyway.. Life is so strange and full of surprises as usual. The country or region that you live in doesn’t important. The rule will be same: the life always finds something to surprised us.

I had purposes before came to Venice (I mean the other purposes except writing thesis) But the main purpose was always trying to look at me from an external space. I think that I start to do it. Firstly, I noticed that I didn’t have humanistic life in Istanbul. Working 10 hours in a day, having 3 hours trip to go home, earning money for weekends and didn’t feel any happiness in return. I forgot to trust people, to noticed the details of life, waking up in happy mood, taste of dinner (or brunch), smelling the weather and enjoying every seconds of life.  I have been in Venice 1,5 month and during this period I have met lots of people. But three of them are very important.

One of them has been teaching me to share everything, even a room, shampoo, bread, money, sleep (and also “sleep-talking”)… every moments of whole lifeJ and with her I am feeling myself less selfish more friendly.

One of them has been teaching me to enjoy, laugh without any purposes and taste of “Sambuca”. And with the help of her, I am feeling myself more funny, full of life and smile.

Last one has been teaching me to trust, not to put people in a group (especially males & females), to remember the details of life, sharing everything with more than a person that has same culture and native language like me.  And when I am with him, I always forget everything (especially my keys and mobile phone) (rest and the unimportant parts of the life)

I thank to God for having met and had you.

P.S. If you don’t understand a sentence in this writing, you can ask me. I can translate it to Turkish but if you want an Italian translation you have wait for quiet long J

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